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Current Projects at Architecture for Humanity

An update from Cameron Sinclair about Architecture for Humanity’s current projects. Although known for working on rebuilding Haiti and supporting reconstruction partners in Chile, Architecture for Humanity is working all over the world on design projects including sports centers in Africa.

Check out his blog post about it here.


Geodesic Domes in Haiti

Haiti’s getting help in the form of geodesic domes. California-based World Shelters is sending two of its U-Domes to Haiti, along with two large fabric-covered domes from Oregon-based company Pacific Domes. That’s 3,500 square feet of shelter. The domes will be used as facilities for medical procedures and patient recovery, which will take some of the pressure off the SDA Hospital in Port au Prince.

Donors to World Shelters and also the generosity of Pacific Domes have allowed the geodesic structures to make the trip over to Haiti. World Shelters will travel Jason Hervin, Haiti Program Manager, and Project Engineer Armand Mulin to the site to supervise the construction of the shelters. Mulin was project supervisor on the World Shelter’s and Turning Point Foundation’s River Haven U-Dome project last fall.

“World Shelters projects build relationships with local communities,” Haiti Program Manager Jason Hervin said. “We provide not just shelters, but also opportunities for local Haitians to earn income while rebuilding their communities.” Hervin and Mulin say they’ll be using local labor in order to facilitate economic recovery in Haiti. They’ll also be assessing the shelter needs of many agencies that have contacted World Shelters for assistance.

Update: Haiti Earthquake

Architecture for Humanity is working on the rebuilding effort in Haiti.  An update from their website:

Our Local Partners
We had been set to send a design team to Haiti this month to partner with local NGO Yele Haiti but have put this on hold until we can get a full assessment of the situation. We’ve connected with both Yele and our close friends at the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG). We have made a full commitment to support both their efforts in the long term rebuilding of affected areas.

Our Response
We DO NOT do emergency housing. We primarily work in the reconstruction phase of post disaster situations and will be focused on transitional and permanent housing and community structures. Our appeal is to help supply pro bono construction and design professionals and support in the building of earthquake resistant structures.

If you care about building back better, donate today.

For details, you can check out the Architecture for Humanity website.