War and Homelessness

Written by Bob Ballard of the Hearts of Fire Project

I am attending the LA Rally To End The Wars tomorrow. To me, if you are interested in the homeless and want to help them, you should also be interested in ending our wars. Why?

1) the huge amount of money expended on Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere would be available to house people and provide desperately needed services. With just a fraction of the money we spend on these wars, everyone in the U.S. could be housed and fed.

2) many of the people on our streets are veterans of wars who come back to this country mentally, emotionally and physically damaged. About 20% of the homeless are veterans.

3) fear and separation between people is fortified and promoted by war. This fear and separation in our hearts allows us to ignore our fellow men and women in need and avoid acknowledging that we are all one human family.

If you are in or near Los Angeles, San Francisco or Washington, D.C. this Saturday, March 20, please come out and join us.


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